Friday, April 30, 2010

Tomato Plant List 2010

2.Better Bush
3.Black Cherry
4.Black from Tula
6.Cherokee Purple
7.Chocolate Naneum
8.Early Burg
9.Early Girl F1
10.Emerald Evergreen
11.Florida Basket
12.Gardener's Delight
13.Giant Belgium
15.Japanese Black Triefel
16.Kellogg's Breakfast
20.Paul Robeson
21.Red Brandywine
22.Red Currant
23.Red Robin
24.Royal Hillbilly
26.Sasha's Pride
27.Seattle's Best
28.Snow White
30.Sweet Baby Girl F1
31.Sun Gold F1
32.Supersweet 100 F1
33.True Black Brandywine
35.White Currant

Monday, March 1, 2010

What's New for 2010

Just got my new seeds for the year and am starting to seed now.
Here is some new varieties We're trying.
Sasha's Pride - a small red beefsteak from the Irkutsk Siberia in Russia. This an extra early type with very good flavor.
Also for containers one called Florida Basket.
Bradley -a pink medium determinate
Bellstar -a paste tomato twice the size of types
Limmony -bright lemon-yellow with tangy taste not bland
Sugar Baby sweetest of the extra early types determinate

We will still have our usual 50 or so varieties, which includes
Sun Gold, Sweet Baby Girl, Black Cherry, Cherokee Purple, Brandywine,
Giant Bulgarian, and Stupice.

I will post a complete list at a later date. Also our other starts we will offer such as peppers and basil.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Cherry Nation

Sometimes the little cherry tomatoes take a back seat to their large cousins, when discussing my collection. They, however are are just as important, if not more so, than the larger ones I grow. They are truly a garden candy and account for almost half my sales. Whereas with the larger ones I grow almost all heirlooms or open polinated types. Not so with the cherries. I have found that most of the heirloom cherry tomatoes cant match up to the Hybrid or F1 types I grow. Non compare with the Sun Gold or Supersweet 100 or Sweet Baby Girls, for sweetness and production. That is why I still grow some Hybrids. Cause they can't be beat.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Here we have some dark green heirloom zucchini starts in the back and up front we have Emerald Oak Leaf, Salad Bowl, Simpson Elite Hybrid, Red Sails looseleaf lettuce, Ermosa butterhead lettuce. The is some chard sown in there to.
I then will transplant each lettuce plant in rows 6 inches between plants. Good soil, lotsa water and keep the deer and rabbits away. Should get large heads with any luck. Darn wasco we wabbit any who.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

We had a nice turnout on this somewhat gloomy day, with a steady flow of folk most of the time. Slowed down around lunchtime, as usual.
I think mother nature smiles on our little market, cause it never really seems to rain until after we close up. People are chompin' at the bit to get the local produce
we provide, but it is still a bit early. Everyone seems is putting in a garden, which is great for us plant growers....There is nothin' better than homegrown.